Davidson Galleries in Seattle

Philip Koch's White Light oil at Davidson Galleries in Seattle.

An old friend of mine (since my Cub Scout days!) was kind enough to send me some pictures he just took in Seattle's Davidson Galleries where I have one of my oils hanging in their August Landscape show. My friend became Robert Wetmore, MD (orthopedics) and has a practice in Waterbury, CT. Bob was out visiting his daughter Kate who's just had her first child. That's Kate with the new goods above. Congratulations!

Art galleries are a critical part of building the bridge between an artwork and a potential audience. As I haven't yet visited Davidson Galleries I was very happy to see some photos of it. It looks great. Here's an interior shot with my White Light in the distance. I like galleries like this that know how to present work in the right way- lots of breathing space between the artworks so the viewer can see them without distractions. High ceilings, freshly painted walls, and well-aimed lighting make a world of difference.

Sam Davidson has run the gallery for many years. He has a large inventory of works on paper and prints by both contemporary and historic artists as well as handling paintings and sculpture. Here's a link to his website.

Natural and Urban Landscapes runs through Aug. 28 at Davidson Galleries. Here's some of
the paintings in the show from six different artists from across the U.S.

Below is Dr. Wetmore himself (a.k.a Bob).


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