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Artist Talk at Ogunquit Museum of American Art

A video of the June 28, 2022 public  conversation between Philip Koch and Assistant Curator Theresa Choi about Ogunquit Museum's exhibition of Koch's paintings.  The video runs 50 minutes.  Here's the link-

"What a Nice Place to Work" - Photos of my Painting Studio Space

"What a nice place to work" ran through my mind as I came into the studio this morning. The standing mirror catches a reflection of the canvas I'm working on right now. Some collectors have told me they'd love to see the space in Baltimore where I create most of my paintings. Here's a mini-tour. This is just some of the brushes that are stationed at the ready. Last night's color mixtures of blue pigments grace my palette. In the distance is one of the three easels I have in the painting room- it's usually holding  a painting I want to study. At the right is the standing mirror that's always aimed so I can see a reversed image of the painting I'm working on on my main easel. Loaded paintbrushes love to roll into their neighbor and get their wet colors all over each other. I made a simple grooved brush holder to keep each color of the brush clear of collisions with other unwanted hues. The main working easel at the right. It's super heavy which i