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Going Painting with Charles Burchfield in New England

Philip Koch, Isle au Haut: Gold, oil on panel, 6 1/2 x 13", 2015 As the Artist In Residence at the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY (BPAC) for 2015-16 I've been  pouring over Charles Burchfield's paintings as close hand. It's been influencing how I see.  Working on my oil painting above this week I had in mind the yellow and gray color chords I enjoy so much in a watercolor by Burchfield like the one below. Charles Burchfield, Sunshine During a Blizzard, watercolor, 1947-59 Last week I was in New Hampshire in the White Mountains. Previous trips to this area found me drawn to making vast panoramas of the most distant mountains. This time to my surprise it was close-up views of trees that grabbed me. Philip Koch, vine charcoal drawing, 9 x 12", 2015 I find incredible lace-like rhythms in the New Hampshire forest. Philip Koch, vine charcoal and white chalk drawing, 12 x 9" 2015 Even in this panoramic