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My Long History with the Pamet River in Truro, MA- Edward Hopper Country

Philip Koch, Bright October Sun , oil on canvas,  36 x 54 inches, 2019 All of us have places that somehow seem to have grabbed a hold of us. One of mine is the area near the mouth of the little Pamet River in Truro on Cape Cod. The above just completed painting based on this place has a long  history. It stems from 1983 during my very first residency in Edward Hopper's studio (that lies just beyond the dark far hill in the painting). Here's the smaller oil I worked from- Philip Koch, Bright October Sun, oil on panel, 14 x 21  inches, 2019 I had begun this smaller oil on the fall 1983 trip to the Hopper studio. Shortly after arriving I explored the mouth of the Pamet and set up my French easel there in front of my favorite view. This is what came back home to my studio from that trip. Philip Koch, Pamet River, South Truro, oil on panel, 14 x 21 inches, 1983 While happy with the painting I came to feel the one huge sand dune looked some