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Allen Memorial Art Museum Publishes My Story

Peter Paul Rubens, The Finding of Erichthonius, oil  on  canvas, 1632, Allen Memorial Art Museum,  Oberlin, OH Allen Memorial Art Museum in Oberlin, OH invited alumni to tell how work in its collection had impacted them. Their collection proved to be an amazing teacher. The big lesson I learned is to take exquisite care about how I go about telling a story with my painting. Yesterday the museum posted my reminiscence on its Facebook page. Here's what I wrote:  The temptation is always to run straight towards your goal. Sometimes that works, but often it leaves you wide of the mark, especially in art. This lesson hit me over the head when I was just starting out as a painter when I was a studio art major at Oberlin. The Allen Memorial Art Museum has the most remarkable and troubling painting by the 17th-century artist Rubens, 'The Finding of Erichthonius,' from 1632. I saw it almost daily and I was always a little creeped out by it. Its subject involves the find