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Edward Hopper Didn't Like to Teach But Still Offers Great Lessons

Edward Hopper, Summertime , oil on canvas, 1943, Delaware Art Museum I was in Wilmington, DE today dropping off a new painting at Somerville Manning Gallery . Before heading home I stopped by the Delaware Art Museum . I always resolve not to focus on old favorites at the museum, but my feet had other ideas and planted me in front of Edward Hopper's Summertime .  Famously awkward around others, Hopper taught very little during his life and commented he didn't like doing it. But he painted on a level brimming with his distinctive creative way of seeing. His paintings teach our eyes. Some time ago in a blogpost I talked about how Hopper did great inventive things with shapes on this canvas.  I noted this today and was about leave when I saw something I hadn't noticed before in the woman's legs. The left one is way more cool in color than the right (in person this shows much better than in my lowly iPhone photograph). Hopper went to great lengths to make the changing colors