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My painting Canopy featured on Redfin's article about Rochester, NY

/ Philip Koch Paintings was named a local expert of Rochester, NY, on Redfin. Check out the article we were featured in: 15 Beautiful Places in Rochester, NY | Redfin Redfin's article includes my painting Canopy, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches, 2023 (see below).  It was inspired by my memories of the old growth forest I grew up in along the shore of Lake Ontario. After I would get off the school bus I had a long walk home along a winding road through the woods. After school you could take your time.  I'd walk slowly, soaking in nature's indelible personality.  One thing about forests that have never been cut down- they're tall . Your eye follows the tree trunks as they s oared upward, ending in an interlaced network of branches. You're almost compelled to cast your gaze upward. I'm convinced the architects who designed the historic  European cathedrals had this in mind.  Here's the segment from Redfin- 4. Take in the scenery of Gosnell Big Woods Preserve “I