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Who is the Father / Who is the Child?

\ Fathers' Day Observation:  We parents learn from and are changed by our children. Evidence of this crops up all the time but somehow when it does I'm always a little surprised.  The photo above is what greeted me as I walked into my studio this morning.  On the right is my painting from 2019, The Dawn,  oil on panel, 18 x 36 inches. It's a view inspired by the coast of Maine. I was very happy with it. Enough so that I resolved to recreate it on a more grand scale.  I figured it would be a simple enough job to work up the smaller oils basic composition on the 56 inch canvas at the left.  It's at times like this when you think you know where you're going that painting delights in telling you "Not so fast." One evening last week I glanced at the paintings on the two easels in the mirror I keep in my studio. Unexpectedly it struck me that  I much preferred the lighter tones in the sky and water in the unfinished larger canvas. Before making any r

Finding a Roadmap

Philip Koch, Morning at the Route 6, Eastham House, oil on  canvas, 30 x 60 inches, 2017, Swope Art Museum,  Terra Haute, IN For sometime I had wanted to make a painting of the farm buildings on Cape Cod that the painter Edward Hopper immortalized in his oil Route 6, Eastham that is at the Swope Art Museum  in Indiana. The source is right on the main highway that runs through the town of Eastham. Unlike the open space Hopper saw, it's now tightly ringed by evergreens. Edward Hopper, Route 6, Eastham, oil on canvas, 1941,  Swope Art Museum, Terra Haute, IN Much as Hopper has inspired me, I wanted to do a painting that would stand on its own, free from his long shadow. So instead of jumping right in I took more time than usual imagining different ways I might proceed. It required a balancing act, navigating my way between borrowing too much from Hopper and the need to deal with all those obstructing trees. Philip Koch, Study for Morning at the Rte