At the Newborn Nursery

Philip Koch, Northern Sky: Orange, oil on board, 7 x10"

Philip Koch, Winter Oaks, oil on board, 8 x 10", 2010

Here's two new arrivals. Mom (that's me) sure howled a lot during their delivery, but she's alright now and the new babies are doing fine. They are resting (and drying) in the newborn nursery.

The top painting is done from memory and is another one of my hymns to the setting sun. That's one of those grand themes that so many landscape painters get seized by. I'm no exception. I'm reminded of the old line from Winslow Homer- " The sun shall not rise nor set without my notice and thanks."

The second painting is one I've been playing around with for a long time. It originally had a grey sky and an empty far distance. But the oak seemed lonely standing there in its field. I played around with various moves to give it a better supporting cast and came up with a brighter blue-green sky and a row of very dark pines for the background. I believe the oak murmured thanks.


  1. Fabulous


  2. Skizo, thanks for your generous words.


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