A Gallery of Earlier Oil Landscapes

Philip Koch, Edge of the Forest, oil on panel, 14 x 21",  1987

I recently started a project of looking through images of my paintings from some years ago. Have been really enjoying getting reacquainted with these old friends!

At that time I was doing an enormous amout of painting out on location in oil. My trusty French easel went everywhere with me. Quite a few of these smaller directly painted outdoor oils served as the basis for my larger scale studio work. Here's a group of paintings, some done outdoors, some in the studio from the '80's and early '90's.

Philip Koch, Saturday Morning, oil on panel, 12 x 29", 1987

Philip Koch, From the Bridge, oil on panel, 14 x 21", 1987

Philip Koch, Sailboats, oil on panel, 21 x 28", 1987

 Philip Koch, Three Boats,  oil on panel, 22 x 33", 1987

Philip Koch, Winter Yard, oil on canvas, 42 x 63", 1984

Philip Koch, Wednesday Morning, oil on canvas, 48 x 60", 1987

Philip Koch, Equinox, oil on canvas, 40 x 60", 1991

Philip Koch, Duck Harbor,  oil on panel, 12 x 29", 1987


  1. Your posted paintings and remarks will no doubt live on having been archived by Google on some distant server. Wondering, however, if you've ever considered publishing a book. I've played around with Blurb an online publisher and find it a means of sharing my efforts with an international audience. Just a thought. I quite enjoy your art, in particular your sense of colour. Thank you for sharing your older work.
    Ernest Somers

  2. Ernest thanks for your kind comments. I did do a Blurb booklet with Isalos Fine Art when I had a show there in Stonington, ME two years ago, and that is still available through their website. It's a good idea you have.

  3. Philip, when you reference looking at images of your older work, does that mean these paintings shown here are all sold?

    1. One of these is available (Wednesday Morning) but the others went to collectors around the country.


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