Photos of Isalos Fine Art exhibit in Stonington, Maine

Here's the view of Isalos Fine Art's new exhibition of my paintings of Edward Hopper's studio in S. Truro, Massachusetts and of his boyhood home in Nyack, New York. The show's opening reception was crowded and enthusiastic. I got some new collectors and had fun talking with a lot of new people about my work, how Hopper was my greatest teacher, and about Hopper's critical relationship with his surroundings where he lived and painted.

You can view all the work in the exhibit on the Isalos website.

Following is the feature article by Bob Keyes in the statewide Sunday Telegram that ran on 8/11 filling the better part of the front page of the paper's weekly culture section Audience.

And continuing on page three. You can read the article here.

Here is a view of the exhibit with my vine charcoal drawing Hopper's Beach, Looking North. It was drawn on location just below Hopper's Truro studio where he used to swim alone in Cape Cod Bay. The giant sand dune was something he looked at daily. 

Below at the left is my oil Edward Hopper's Parlor, Nyack, painted in the living room of his boyhood home with its signature oversized French doors. Hopper ofen painted windows a little larger than they were.  I believe this stems from his growing up experiencing the light flooding through these windows. You can see them for yourself by visiting his home, now the Edward Hopper House Art Center. 

The bulletin board outside Isalos Fine Art in addition to posting my show also featured a poster for Stonington Opera House's presentation of the Hopper-inspired dance & video piece Voyeur by the highly respected Bridgman/Packer Dance company. I attended their extremely impressive show on its opening night on Aug. 15. 

Also on the above board is the poster advertising Hopper Round Stonington, a celebration by the Stonington Opera House of the Hopper events in the town. One of which was the 8/13 staging by the Opera House of having its volunteers hold Hopper-inspired poses alongside the architecture of Stonington. Here's two of the stagings I particularly like:

This is Michael Daugherty, one of the owners of Isalos Fine Art.

While I was up in Maine I took advantage of the remarkable topography (and some perfect weather) to do a new series of drawings out with my portable easel. Here's a vine charcoal from Stonington's Sand Beach.

The show at Isalos runs through Sept. 2, 2013.


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