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Sun in an Empty Room II, vine charcoal, 7 x 14", 2012 (drawn on location in Edward Hopper's boyhood bedroom in Nyack, NY)

Vine charcoal is a medium known for its delicacy. But that fragility is something of a problem when it comes to moving such drawings. Until they're safely framed under glass you must handle them as if you're walking on eggshells. The drawing above is in one of these crates below...

...along with 15 other paintings, pastels, and vine charcoal drawings look like when they're waiting to be picked up by the FedEx guy for their trip up for my solo exhibit at Isalos Fine Art in Stonington, Maine. None of the work for this upcoming show (Aug. 13 - Sept. 2, 2013) is particularly large, but since a half dozen of the pieces are works on paper framed under glass, they had to be wrapped generously in bubble wrap. The packaged pieces on paper like this get bulky pretty quickly. I'm determined to have the pieces arrive safely without a scratch.  

Here's another of the drawings in the crates above, May 15, 1967, vine charcoal, 7 x 14". The title refers to the day Edward Hopper died. I drew the piece on location on a cold and blowing Fall day looking back up from the beach at Hopper's simple studio and perhaps that cast a more somber tone over my mind as I considered what to name the drawing.

Isalos Fine Art issued a good press release for the exhibit, Inside Edward Hopper's World: Paintings by Philip Koch that you can see on their website. It includes a link to a page showing all the pieces that will hang in the show.


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