For all the Edward Hopper Maniacs Out There

For all you people who are Edward Hopper addicts (trust me, I am one of you), I collected a large number of new photographs I took during my last residency at the Hopper studio on Cape Cod and put them together in the same place- the "Hopper Studio" page on my website. Most had been posted on blogs I wrote last year, but it seemed fitting to have them all together.

Hopper lived and worked half the year in this building he designed himself to be his working studio from 1934 until near his death in 1967.  

Many of the most iconic Hopper painting were made here. The studio exists pretty much the same form Hopper intended it. I know many are curious to get more of a grasp of Hopper the person and how he made his art. His beautiful yet modest studio lives on as a clue to this essential American genius.

All 18 of the photos were taken in September 2010 in the Truro, Massachusetts studio overlooking Cape Cod Bay. This was my 13th residency in the Hopper studio since 1983. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Very interesting photos Philip. I especially was happy to see the interior shot of Hopper's painting studio. It is interesting how it has changed. The huge window is only 4 paned now.....the original was a 36 paned industrial window. I also noted that the wide board floors seemed to be painted now. There are some beautiful pictures of Hopper in his studio in the book "American Masters, the Voice and the Mythy" by Brian O'Doherty.

    I have been a life long Edward Hopper devotee so I enjoy your posts on him. Since I spend the summer on the Outer Cape, I am always turning corners and seeing "Hopper paintings" in the beautiful landscape and stark buildings.



  2. Linda, you are a most astute observer! Thanks for the tip on the O'Doherty book- I'll see if the MICA library has it.


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