Animals in my Studio!


I came downstairs this morning to my studio and this is the view that greeted me.

This is my cat. He is my constant companion when I'm working in the studio. Mostly keeps me company but rarely intrudes. Sometimes I wonder what he thinks about the paintings I'm making. Probably, as cats are such keen observers of what they see, he would have great advice for me about the paintings. So far though, he keeps his suggestions to himself, so much so that I've come to wonder if he cares much for painting at all.

Yet he's old and stiff- for him to drag himself over to the window and nose open the blinds to look out makes me realize he's a sensitive guy after all.  

Yesterday I had taken the painting I've been working on for weeks off the easel and hung it on the wall in my front room. And the cat, prophetically, is looking out the window, wondering what we should paint next. You have to admire that in a cat, this eagerness to always see what's coming around the next bend. I'll have to see if I can't get something really special happening on the easel for him.

Here's the painting that was on the easel, Deep Forest Pool, oil on panel, 32 x 40", 2011. 

Down at the bottom of the photo are two of the studio cat's closest friends, an unnamed bird at left and Bob the Rabbit at right.


  1. Dogs are my studio companions but they have such a desire to please you can never get an honest crit out of them!

    Please can't we see an up close of this painting? It looks like a beauty!

  2. I can hardly keep animals out of my studio. My dog wouldn't miss it, the cats love it and try to help. I've also had racoons and a bird - temporary guest of the cats. No harm done other than the "blessing" left on a painting on the way out.

    I second Deborah. This painting looks wonderful - would love a closer view.

  3. That cat has something wrong with it. Did you feed it last year?

  4. It does look a And I think I have that rabbit's cousin.

  5. Stape- oh my gosh, that's it. How silly of me to forget for a whole year, again.

  6. Deb, we got the rabbit on a painting trip up to Lake Placid, NY years ago. What's cool is he's painted cast iron and must weigh at least 12 pounds or so. Is yours like that? (I hear rabbits actually do have lots of cousins).


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