Artist Avoids Being Trampled by Herds of Angry Moose

This is my easel at 7:30 this morning atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine.

As you can see the place is deserted. Funny thing about that is just a half hour before there were probably a hundred people there in the space of five minutes. All of them were there with cameras to snap a photo of the sunrise and then take off again. It was amazing in its spectacle (not the sunrise, the speed people were traveling). I'll have some more to say about this tomorrow, but right now I'm tired after a long day of traveling (including perhaps the fastest run through of the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, ME in recorded history).

Suffice it to say the painting trip was great- lots of good weather and strong new work resulted.
I'm back home and need to call it a night. Will post some more images tomorrow.


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  2. Misspelled painted,will try again;
    I know where that is,I have painted that location. Are you sure about the herd of moose, they don't generally herd, could they have been coneys?

  3. It is amazing, isn't it? And I am a photographer who loves Acadia. Spent two weeks up there back in June and was able to photograph sunrise from Bar Island, the cobble beach along Ocean Drive and several other places. But I didn't do sunrise on the top of Cadillac this year.

    I recent spoke at our local photography club and several were amazed at the patience exhibited to get the shots I wanted. There are many who adhere to the "get out of the car, take a few shots, get back in and move on" philosophy.


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